Some may think you are crazy, but always go for what you want in life. It doesnt matter the route you will go through as long as you get where your heart desires. Passion, resilience and being smart are key to you achieving your dreams. Going into the small details here, my heart desires of how my personal future life will be looking at. This is in a nutshell

My Mansion

Lets not talk of the Dream-house for now...that will come at a later date. As for now I wanna focus on my first house. At least it must have ground-floor and 1st floor; 2 tablerooms, 1 dining room/kitchen, small playstation room, small office, 5 bedrooms, small gym room and a small meeting room(incase I've got a political/normal meetting with delegates). Outside; a swimming pool,small basketball court and a small vineyard.
Some think its never achievable...already the design is in progress and a video of it will drop soon as its complete. Approximate cost of architectural design,building, interior and external elements, plus interior designing will cost an approximate 15 Million Kshs.

First Cars & Dream Cars

Men toys...I hear thats what the female gender refer them to. My first car will be either of this; Subaru Forester(All Black Old Model) or Mistubishi Lancer or BmW X6 or Harrier Lexus....after this I can now upgrade and save for my dream rides; Hummer H2, VX 8, Range Sport or Mercedes G Class.
Many people say that in some few years time all this will be old-fashioned, but my challenge is; have you bought any yet? I dont care whether they will be old-fashion or not, as long as I achieve my desires.


Something small about this...I know it doesnt sound very sensible but I dont aspire to set up businesses for money profit...always my desire is to feel that i own something big. I will purchase 3 Mathree operating in Nairobi, pimp them out hard. My issue will not be profit, my issue will be- is there any other better pimped out Mathree in town?
Finally I wanna setup try and develop my own village; 3 6-storey flats, 15 indepedent bungalows, hotel and supermarket inside one compound. Any profits gained from all this will hopefully go to a children orphanage.