The Truth is....there is nothing better on earth than going home to family,eating good food and relaxing. Family is not an important thing, it's EVERYTHING. You dont choose your family,they are God's gift to you, just as you are to them

Mom and Dad

In their lives I'm so precious to them. They brought me up with plenty of love. I received beatings of love whenever I did a mistake, I cried with love because I knew they always want the best for me. Both are teachers, staunch christians with a rich background of struggles to make where our family is today. Indeed they are a good picture to me of how my future family should be governed.Their efforts to bring me up can only be rewarded by He who is Omnipotent. They certainly are the best parents God gave to me.


Big Bro

Currently studying in Kenyatta University.You will always make me remember of the fights we had in our childhood. Watching wrestling was our favourite Tv program, but the only part we didnt enjoy in that program is when they displayed these words "Dont Do This At Home". Anyway we are now grown ups...we are there to support each other as we wait to give back to our parents heavily. Meanwhile, trust God and always pray to Him to add you strengths so that we can be able to be testimonies of the far God has brought us.



I've got so many relatives...lemmi try and break it down just a mom has 15 brothers& sisters, my dad has 10 brothers& sisters. All of them have sons and daughters whom I call cousins. Cousins alone may be close to 80. Then a good number of cousins already have families....isnt this a sign of blessings, my closest relatives being close to 100? Some of my relatives have gone out of their way to assist me and my family in big issues. I'm sincerely proud to be in such a big extended family.